Many people declare that they want to develop professionally. You too? Great!

However, if you look at what we are doing to grow, sometimes I have the impression that some of us do everything we can not flourish. I kind of understand it. The effects of development, such as money or prestige, are great. On the other hand, what often leads to it is not so pleasant.

Professional development is like exercising in the gym. We develop only when we cross the comfort zone. In order to have continuous development and benefits related to it, you need to expand your borders all the time. And there are sweat, corns and soreness. Ambitious desires require some effort.

If you really want to achieve what you want and want to move forward dynamically in your career, I suggest you reflect on your actions in this direction.

First of all – ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DEVELOP and WHY – what exactly do you want to achieve.

Make it very specific. Along with measurable indicators that will tell you that you have achieved what you want.
Maybe you’re good where you are and you don’t want to change anything. This is ok. As long as you are happy with yourself and take into account the consequences of being stuck.


Are you able to endure the discomfort and even the pain of exertion?

The pain is that although you give your best, maybe you will not be able to carry the 100 kg on the bar right away. That maybe at least you will refine your CV or the offer to the last button, the potential employer or client will say “no” to your proposal. More than once.

It is said that a successful man makes a lot of mistakes. It is painful to make mistakes. However, it is impossible to avoid them when we boldly reach for more. Risk must be faced as we grow. In my opinion, however, it is smaller than the risk of being stuck in the status quo or in ineffective ways of operating.


Maybe you only have a sense of development. Or even an illusion. For example, you read books, manuals, guides, but do not implement the knowledge. Or you sign up for webinars, training, online courses and have the feeling that you are developing, but de facto do not do the tasks. Or just on the occasion – those that suit you, those that are comfortable and pleasant.

Lack of effective development activities in the desired direction on your part is consent to what you have. So if you only do what suits you, what is convenient, that’s ok. it is a half-whistle action. If there are any results, it will be rather accidental. Failure to implement what you know is your conscious resignation from achieving what you want and relying on fate, not working on results.

Another thing is that sometimes under the guise of development, we chase after the novelty – something that can bring fulfillment, but in the short term. In the end, following the novelty, we can jump from flower to flower without fully developing.


As a psychologist, I realize that we have such and no other tendencies and therefore I run individual development programs in selecting work, business ideas and in gaining jobs, orders and clients.

I have experienced more than once how great it is to have someone who kindly guides you to the highest quality of activities and makes that you minimize mistakes or avoidance in the area where you want to achieve something. And I’m not the only one…

If you want someone who will stand by your side in your career and help you achieve what you want professionally, then I invite you to visit me. You can sign up for the program for those who want to find their professional path and pursue it on a full-time basis, or for those who want to create their own business, but do not know how and how.

Be honest with yourself, and unlimited success will be yours!

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