I found a picture on the web that brilliantly illustrates what I have often said in my materials, which is one of the main rules of looking for a dream job. Unfortunately, still a lot of people haven’t applied it.
Luckily “picture says more than 1000 words” so maybe it will help. See…

To wrap up…
“Don’t compare your first chapter to someone else’s twentieth.”

As we look at, many famous people or brands started in the same place with a chapter … zero.

The greats often started with small, even “offensive” actions. They acted with what they had, right now, right now.

They acted with what they had to reach for more every day, raise the bar to the best of their ability and grow.

Dreams are worth having because they drive us in our development. But “Rome was not built in a day” . Amazon was first an online bookstore that mainly sold IT books. Then books on wider topics, then a wider range of products. Over the years, Amazon has grown into the world’s largest online store.

If you are ready to hit the market with success overnight with an offer that is “good for everyone” like Amazon or another “celebrity”, great – do it. If not, think about what you can offer now in the narrower area of ​​the desired field and at the same time develop until you fill your book with the necessary chapters needed to “take over” the entire market.

Virtually every personal, professional or business brand starts with specialization. A narrow plot of land that he is gradually developing day after day. However, many dream job seekers are impatient and think they will skip this step by mere mental power. And he will immediately become the president of the largest company in Poland (if not in the world). This is, of course, an example, the point is that many set themselves too broad a goal, because, for example, they fear that by operationalizing a dream it will “descend to death” etc ..

Personally, over a decade ago, I started dreaming of having a company that trains the skills needed in the labor market over the Internet. Although I previously worked in three corporations in the area of ​​HR and recruitment, the facts were that my experience and knowledge in training was then virtually none.

Therefore, I started by offering one little thing that was related to it, which I knew very well, which I was passionate about and for which there was a demand – I wrote a CV on request. In the meantime, I was training in public speaking, designing and conducting training at a business trainer school and running a company.

In order to gain experience in speaking, I worked in Toastmasters, I helped other trainers in their training, I offered my own free training. When my self-confidence grew along with my coaching CV – I started doing paid training as a freelance trainer.

Finally, I created educational materials – Customized CV Tool and CVnarium, and people started asking me to help them also with the conversation, “hacking the right offers” and other aspects of getting a job. This is how I developed the whole training program “Discover and get the job of your dreams”, and then the program “Own flight” for those who dream only of their own company. If you are interested in participating in these two programs, this is the fall promotion – 10%.

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