Searching for remote work

This is an introductory topic for recruitment, but a key one. To get a quick invitation to recruit for the job that is right for you, you must first apply for it.

Professional video CV

In this thread, you will find as many as six posts about creating a video resume for recruitment.

The video can be created independently and uploaded to popular websites like Youtube.

There is also online recruiting software where the video is uploaded and those in which video is recorded from scratch, even from your computer.

Be prepared that you may need to record a video in the enrollment software in real-time without interruptions or preparation during the recording.


Not all recruiters require video recording as a requirement. For some, writing a good CV is enough. CV is also a remote tool. We have been using mainly the electronic form of CV in recruitment for a long time. The need to video your CV doesn’t mean you won’t need to write your CV either.

There is so much CV material on this blog that it makes sense to mention it. Just search the blog. If you don’t have time to search and want all the best tools to write a resume then use my Customized Resume Tool right away.

Multimedia presentation

In recruitment, you may also encounter the requirement to prepare a multimedia presentation.

Slides can enrich your video – be boards in it.

A PowerPoint presentation can also replace a CV.

Can be added to your LinkedIn profile as a sample of your work, for example.

It is also a supporting form of your speech during online meetings in more advanced recruitment, where you need to show complex solutions in a simple way.

In addition, it is used to demonstrate your presentation skills e.g. as an online trainer, etc.

Remote recruitment meetings

In remote recruitment, we obviously have interviews. Most often just by phone, Skype or Whatsapp meetings, etc. Some people use more advanced technologies for this.

The question is what should be included in a video resume, online interviews, or in an electronic resume.

I recommend you the Customized CV Tool to develop your CV.

To prepare for remote interviews, I recommend an ebook with a question and answer algorithms.

If the recruitment process scares you or you just want to do your best, take the online course “Discover and Get a DREAM job!” in which I will personally help you in all aspects.

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