How to chill out before an important meeting so that stress doesn’t eat you up?

How do you de-stress before interviewing for a job? And how before meeting with the client or the employer?

These are the questions that bother many people who come to me for consultations. Some already have patents for this. That’s why I decided to make a small probe.

See what 5 ways to de-stress are recommended by my interlocutors. Below is a video with subtitles. There is a transcript at the end of the post.

Do you need to prepare as well as possible for the talks?

In this post, you’ll find out why an interview is like a date, and maybe you’ll get more distance to help you reach your potential.

Have a successful “dating” with employers!


I: D, what is your way to de-stress yourself before an important job interview, for example, before a job interview or with a client.

D: You know what I always do to myself – when I talk to a client, because now it happens most often, if someone compliments me professionally, I write it down on one list, all those things.

Then when I get a little stressed before some important conversation, somewhere my self-confidence suddenly gets a little bit disturbed – I go back to this list. It is already quite long, because I write down each such positive feedback and just read it and remember it. Suddenly all the stress is gone. I remember different stories, different situations, because I always write it down with a date. This is my way of not stressing myself, remembering what I’m doing, why I’m doing something, why I’m good at this and not something else. Then my stress disappears practically completely.

IW: Great idea! I have heard about something that you can put on a jar and collect opinions about yourself in it, e.g. on posts.

Besides, the technique, why I can do it, why am I good at it, I am a bit familiar with what you say.

I understand that it works?

DS: It works very cool. Other people notice something about us that we might not notice ourselves.

IW : Great! Thanks a lot for sharing!

DS : Thank you!

IW: Dawid, how do you de-stress yourself before the interview? For example, before a job interview, or important with a client when you get a contract?

D B: The most important thing for me is music. I always have headphones and my smartphone with me. It allows me right in the moment when I am – the moment that is stressful for me – at this point I turn on some quiet music and at this moment I quiet down for 5.6 minutes.

And (then) I wonder why I am doing this. What is this person really trying to convey. What is why, why do we meet and then it helps me, so that’s my secret.

IW: Awesome! Thank you very much! Specifically – two things in total. Music and tech why some people may already know from my channel. I told you about her by the way – the most important question in the interview, so you can deepen this topic. Another person using it. I am happy!

I understand that it works?

DB: Yes, for the last three years I have been using it practically non-stop, I also highly recommend it.

IW: Marcin, what is your way to de-stress yourself before an interview or an important conversation with a client or employer?

M P: Sure. When it comes to talking to the client, I usually know why I am meeting him, so it is like the first preparation.

Two meetings always have some similar elements. What allows you to do them is to actually prepare for them on a regular basis just by practicing these meetings.

IW: Ok, which is also a nice technique, let’s practice these conversations, let’s go as often as possible, that’s one thing. This interview is also for us as candidates to check the employer and it may happen that during this interview – as on a date – he will not click. And no offense, we keep going, keep looking.

MP: There is nothing to be nervous about, what to stress, you just have to see, this is what this interview is for, to get to know each other.

IW: So play helps, hence the video in general, but the techniques are also different.

MP: One of my friends, a certain Grzegorz, often repeated, and in fact always did, only peace can save us. And it is probably a holy truth that only peace can save us in any situation.

IW: Awesome! Thank you very much for sharing.

Good luck with the talks!

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