Positive life events are a source of stress. Do you feel that way sometimes?

This is the case with even the long-awaited birth of a child or wedding. This can also be the case in the case of a dream promotion or career development.

Many of us want positive changes in life, and at the same time are afraid of stress or even… success.
So how do you approach it?

In my opinion, it is a pity to give up the realization of desires, because what would our life be without striving for fulfillment?

Dreams drive us, give us hope, make us improve ourselves and the world. Thanks to this, we gain a sense of fulfillment, realization, agency, development and all other gratifications.

Instead of giving up the things that are important to us, it is worth learning to manage stress and … success.

One of the stress management categories is reacting. We have different ways of doing this. Do you have any of your favorites?

A dangerous way to deal with stress is – discussed yesterday on TV with me as a psychologist – stimulants. Especially alcohol. But it happens that we try not only to “drink” stress but also to “eat”, “burn out” or “bribe” (the way to shopaholism), etc.

The “fear and do” approach, popular – especially among entrepreneurs, is much safer. There is some knowledge of stress and anxiety behind it. It’s impossible to completely shake off the emotional sensation of raising the bar. And not always worth it, because then we might not have the drive to act and… impressions. In many cases, there is no choice but to reach for what we want, despite the emotions associated with it. I talked more about it here.

However, the risk-taker approach will not work in every situation. This is extremely true when we have no substantive basis for the desired professional role. We do not develop in what is needed, and we want it to be our permanent way of earning. We may be lucky, of course, but in the long run, with complex goals, this attitude can lead to continual failure.

Therefore, in the programs for acquiring jobs, orders and clients that I run online, I put emphasis on resource audit, measuring the competency gap and planning career paths – including planning a safe professional change. It is important not to degrade yourself by starting something new, but to steadily “go get yours” .

Although I believe that we can have a job or a dream business, “from empty and Solomon does not pour” . Substantive development in the desired field is what counts. Firstly, the subject matter of work or business, and secondly, the subject matter of career or business management. Therefore, I believe that the best technique to deal with stress is to … prepare … by appropriate action in OBU (2) of the areas mentioned.

Of course, it’s worth looking for smart ways to shorten your way. Especially that there is no point in doing certain things just proforma, temporarily, or over-educating yourself because we delay the start, waste time and enthusiasm.

What’s more, after years of professional experience, or even life, we often have transferable competences that can be a springboard to success. Sometimes what we have already learned may be enough, and we can learn the rest along the way by raising the bar regularly.

However, “success doesn’t fall from the sky”. Even if we have a drip once, it is doubtful that we will be able to repeat it when the “spring is dry”.
In conclusion, it is worth doing a key job. It will make your stress less stressful, and you will gain self-confidence and courage, you will have a sense of agency, and you will eventually flourish and succeed in what you dream about. And that’s what I wish you!

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