Have you received an interview invitation? Are you looking for information on how to answer a recruiter’s questions? Below, I share with you a method that will make you the star of every interview. The main thing is, before going to an interview, go to the online resume service and order a professional resume. All your professional skills will be correct and it will be easier for you to introduce yourself to the employer.

Imagine you are in an interview and everything is going as planned. You are not late, the recruiter greets you with a smile, you answer the questions and you feel that this job is yours.

Then the recruiter asks you about your past experience (situation, success, failure). You start to think nervously about what you can say and to get it over with, you answer with one sentence. Ultimately, you are not satisfied with your answer and after the recruiter passes, you conclude that he is too.

Ok, almost all of us have had this interview. Behavioral questions can be difficult to answer. The good news is there is a method to help you get through the toughest interview questions. This method is STAR.

Before I go over the method, however, let me briefly describe what behavioral questions are.

Behavioral Questions is a very valuable source of knowledge about the candidate. These questions encourage you to describe your behavior in a specific situation. The candidate’s past behavior, especially problem-solving, can help predict how the candidate might behave in the future.

Behavioral questions usually start with the words “Tell me about a situation when …”, “Give me an example …”, “Describe …”

Example of behavioral questions:

Please tell me about a situation when you had to present something to a group of people without preparation. What difficulties did you encounter? How did you deal with this situation?

Please provide an example of an important professional goal that you set for yourself and how you managed to achieve it. What difficulties did you encounter? How did you deal with these problems?

Please tell us about the most stressful situation in which you found yourself at work? How did you deal with this situation?

How do you answer these questions? Let’s move on to our STAR (STAR ​​method).

STAR is an acronym for four keywords that are steps that you can use when answering recruiter questions. By following all four steps you will provide a comprehensive answer.

Build a statement following these 4 steps:

SITUATION – describe the context of the situation, such as a conflict with a colleague. Be specific.

TASK (Task) – then describe the task that appeared, e.g. you had to resolve a conflict with a colleague.

ACTION – then describe how you completed the task or how you tried to meet the challenge. Focus on what you’ve done. Instead of saying “We did”, say “I did.”

RESULT – finally describe the effect of your actions. You can highlight what you have achieved or learned.

First things firstThe STAR method can seem difficult. However, with practice, you will gain practice and it will become your natural technique for answering.

Advice: Try to answer the behavioral questions in my article and write them down. Then stand in front of a mirror and practice. The STAR method can also be used by answering questions from your partner, parents or friends.

Good luck with the interview!